Turnkey Facility

Fully-integrated Facility Design, Cultivation Systems Integration, and Operational Support for Commercial Plant-Focused Indoor Controlled Environment Agriculture

Your Guide to Efficient & Profitable Cultivation

urban-gro guides your team through a highly coordinated, efficient process of facility design, engineering, start up and managed services. We deliver and support efficient and profitable cultivation facilities.

Achieve Your Cultivation Goals through Integrated Facility Design and Post-Occupancy Support

urban-gro provides a prescriptive path of cultivation facility design, engineering, procurement, and equipment systems integration to achieve efficient and profitable cultivation facilities.
Architecture and Engineering
Integrated planning, architecture and engineering design services optimize your facility with design solutions that maximize plant production.
Systems Integration
Increase crop quality and consistency and reduce energy consumption through equipment systems that are integrated with architecture and engineering services.
Operational Support
gro-care® Operational Support provides your team with expertise through remote equipment monitoring, virtual training, and on-demand phone support.

Our Facility Design Improves Plant Performance

You may not feel or experience temperature or humidity fluctuations, but your plants do. Properly sized equipment improves plant transpiration which, in turn, improves plant performance by up to 30%.

Humidity of a Pool, Energy of a Data Center

We understand the complexity of environmental controls in facilities that carry the humidity levels found within indoor pools coupled with energy-consuming cultivation systems much like that of a data center.

Our architectural and engineering services address these competing issues through plant-focused facility design and cultivation systems integration.

Design to Strict Certification and Code Standards

Our team provides Controlled Environment Agriculture facility (CEA) design to meet the most stringent regulatory environments, whether they are energy efficiency goals (code required), Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), or Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification.


Indoor Cultivation Expertise You Can Trust

Nearly 500
Successfully completed indoor cultivation projects ranging from 10,000 to 1,800,000 square feet
Team of licensed architects, engineers, agriculturalists, commissioning and business professionals
11.5 Million
Square feet of cultivation and dispensary space since 2014
Increased canopy and reduced energy consumption

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Whether you are designing a new facility, expanding or upgrading an existing facility, your team benefits from an architect-led, turn-key design build process when speed to market matters.

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