Indoor Air Quality Benefits People and Plants

Providing the highest level of indoor air quality starts with trusted, proven solutions. urban-gro provides industry leading solutions for any size of facility.

urban-gro’s expert design delivers the best project outcomes

Strategic partnerships

Through our carefully vetted strategic partners, we provide operators with state of the art, safe air sanitation and microbial mitigation systems.

Engineering Expertise

We provide tailored Indoor Air Quality plans for indoor and greenhouse cultivation.

Designed for Compliance

We design to meet GACP & EUGMP compliance standards.

Breathe Easier

Your employees and plants benefit from safe, proven indoor air quality solutions that also inactivate viruses (like Sars-CoV-2) and microbials.

Pro Gro Tip: Keep Your Employees Safe

urban-gro has designed and installed hundreds of indoor air quality (IAQ) solutions to provide protection against COVID-19 and other airborne pollutants and contaminants. We work with the best IAQ solutions providers because your staff and plants deserve it.

Prior to installing urban-gro’s indoor air quality (IAQ) solutions, Nevada cultivators were failing strict state microbial testing. After installation, not only did cultivators pass testing of their products, employees experienced fewer sick days.

Achieve Your Cultivation Goals through Integrated Facility Design and Managed Services

urban-gro provides a path from cultivation facility inception through operation to achieve efficient and profitable cultivation facilities.
Architecture & Engineering
Architecture & Engineering
Integrated planning, architecture and engineering design services optimize your facility with design solutions that maximize plant production.
Cultivation Systems Integration
Cultivation Systems Integration
Realize optimal crop quality and yields and reduce energy consumption through the coordinated integration of equipment systems with architecture and engineering design.
Systems Optimization & Support
Systems Optimization & Support
Gro-care Managed Services provides your team with expertise through remote equipment monitoring and virtual training to protect your crop.

Microbial and Virus Control Solutions

Maintain high levels of indoor air quality by utilizing urban-gro’s expert design team for air sanitizing and microbial mitigation solutions.
Clean Air Consultation