Helping Cultivators across North America to Gro Plants & Gro Profits

urban-gro is your guide for full building design, facility optimization and crop protection services for Controlled Environment Ag facilities across North America

Our team of architects, engineers, cultivation systems designers, agronomists, and business professionals provides you with expert resources to ensure you plan, design and operate profitable cultivation facilities.

  • In the US, we work in every state with legalized cultivation programs
  • In Canada, we work in every province
  • Our professional architects and engineers can work in every state and province
  • Energy and water quality code compliance by district, county and state
  • Our Environmental Science Group guarantees compliant IPM programs for US customers through state-by-state compliance monitoring
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We work some of the industry’s most innovative cultivators

“By engaging with urban-gro to deploy novel technology, our farm can grow crops with maximum efficiency — requiring 40-80% less lighting than other indoor environments, and 92% less land than traditional agriculture.”