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We speak and exhibit at trade shows and conferences across North America and Europe. Meet us at one of our events, or contact us about your commercial cultivation needs.

urban-gro was founded on the principle of supplying professional design services and complex systems integration to maximize plant health and output.

Upcoming Events

Meet us at one of our upcoming events
Sept 10-12
Montreal Cannabis Expo
Sept 14-15
Indoor Ag Con
October 4-5
MJ Biz Conference Las Vegas
Oct 20-22

urban-gro CARES in the Community

Veterans Ananda provides support, care, and rehabilitation for veterans by growing hemp and selling it and has a nonprofit where their goals include advocating for veterans and raising awareness and education.Sarah Stenuf, Founder and President of Veteran’s Ananda notes, “The support of urban-gro and other members of the cannabis community will play a direct role in veterans having the opportunity to be successful in their transition to civilian life and continue to add tremendous value to the community.”

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