Cookies Focuses on Systems Integration and Crop Protection to Deliver Top Quality Flower

Facility Overview: Cookies Maywood was first introduced to urban-gro in 2017 during the construction of Cookies’ Maywood facility which includes seven flower rooms, two veg rooms, and one mom room. The light count inside the facility totals over 1,000 fixtures. The engagement later expanded to include facility optimization and crop protection services to the Fiore Farms facility as well which has 1,500 lights.

Services Provided

Cultivation Systems Commissioning

urban-gro's commissioning team worked with Cookies leadership and growers to identify and optimize the Argus Controls facility within the new grows. The systems being commissioned were complex and included review of control sequences for fertilizer injection systems, adding batch tanks to support additional nutrient mixes, and integrating an independent nutrient delivery system using variable frequency drive (VFD) pumps. 

Results of urban-gro's Commissioning Team 

Through the expert commissioning team's knowledge of Argus Controls Systems, the customer was advised to optimize the low voltage system, including upgraded wire quality and connections to eliminate electrical fuse issues. Upon completion of this work, the Argus system performed to the desired specification.  

urban-gro's approach to a SOP-based IPM Crop Protection Program

The urban-gro team has provided thorough reviews of Cookies Maywood IPM process. Over the last 3 years, urban-gro provided expert SOP-based IPM solutions which enhanced the quality and quantity of crops. The team was very helpful in answering questions about applying biocontrol's (beneficial insects) and chemicals to reduce waste, time and money. With the help of Huston, John, and Julia, Cookies has been able to produce top-quality Cookies flowers to the cannabis market without a glitch. 

Results of urban-gro's SOP-based IPM Crop Protection Program

The urban-gro IPM Team created an SOP-based IPM program for our team to reference each time from when we mixed and applied chemicals, to the application and release of biocontrol's. This helped the Cookies team greatly in understanding the importance of tank mixes that include multiple modes of action, in conjunction with a rotational process of different pesticide applications. Ongoing weekly calls have helped Cookies navigate through any pest & pathogen pressures in our facility.   



“We are very pleased with the Commissioning Team and Environmental Sciences Group and how quickly they respond to our questions and optimize our facility. The teams work closely with us to generate real-time solutions to ensure we are maximizing our facility for optimal plant performance. They are a dependable resource for our team.”

Edwin Movagharian, Managing Partner of Cookies Los Angeles 

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