Reduce Odor and Combat Microbials

Our solutions not only address odor problems, they also safely mitigate microbial issues, allowing you to maintain compliance while also being a good neighbor.

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Provide a Safe Environment

Odor Control

Our strategic partner technology “binds” odor product molecules with safe hydrogen peroxides to reduce odor to nearly zero.

Microbial Control

Our strategic partner microbial control  technology provides safe hydrogen peroxides to inactivate microbials for compliant product testing.

Virus Control

Our strategic partner technology provides safe hydrogen peroxides to inactivate viruses for a safer environment.

Active Air Purification

Our strategic partner’s active purification system purifies every square inch of air in the ducts and general growing spaces in addition to removing odors at their source.

Achieve Your Cultivation Goals through Turn-key Design and Facility Optimization Solutions

urban-gro provides a path from cultivation facility inception through operation to achieve efficient and profitable cultivation facilities.
Architecture & Engineering
Integrated planning, architecture and MEP engineering design services optimize your facility to maximize plant performance.
Cultivation Systems Integration
Realize optimal plant performance and reduce energy consumption through the coordinated integration of plant-focused equipment systems with architecture and engineering.
Systems Optimization & Support
Leverage our team’s expertise through gro-care® Managed Services to reduce downtime, provide continuity, and drive facility optimization.

Get a Tailored Odor Control Plan

Increase your plant performance while ensuring compliance with an urban-gro’s tailored program for your facility.
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