Systems Commissioning for Controlled Environment Ag Facilities

Don't Lose Designed Efficiency through Incorrect Equipment Installation

Controlled indoor agriculture, including cannabis grow facilities , are energy-intensive facilities. Commissioning impacts overall facility efficiency and performance, improved plant performance and reduced energy consumption.

Commissioned Facilities Reduce Energy Consumption by 20%

Pre-commissioning Checklists & Inspection

The full value of a Cx team starts prior to the equipment arriving on-site. urban-gro’s commissioning team monitors equipment timing and staging for installation.

Installation Specifications & Oversight

urban-gro’s commissioning team ensures contractors and speciality trades are installing systems to the design intent.

Complex Systems Commissioning & Training

On-site commissioning teams ensure systems are running properly. In addition to equipment tuning, your team is trained properly by our expert.

Commissioning Completed by Plant Pros

urban-gro’s commissioning team is comprised of former cultivators and plant specialists. Our team’s  expertise provides your team with real-time equipment expertise and recommendations for maximum efficiency.

Checklist for Commissioning

The scope of our commissioning services is tailored to the needs of your facility. Learn how commissioning and ongoing facility commissioning can benefit your grow.

 Experts Ready to Help

We had not commissioned our cultivation facilities until urban-gro. Our experience has been smoother start-up and more efficient operations. Things just work.

J Lewis, COO | NEO Alternatives

Achieve Your Cultivation Goals through Integrated Facility Design and Managed Services

urban-gro provides a path from cultivation facility inception through operation to achieve efficient and profitable cultivation facilities.
Architecture & Engineering
Integrated planning, architecture and MEP engineering design services optimize your facility to maximize plant performance.
Cultivation Systems Integration
Realize optimal plant performance and reduce energy consumption through the coordinated integration of plant-focused equipment systems with architecture and engineering.
Systems Optimization & Support
Leverage our team’s expertise through gro-care® Managed Services to reduce downtime, provide continuity, and drive facility optimization.

Maximize Your Plant Performance through Commissioning

We commission facilities across North American, and we can provide a tailored commissioning program for your facility.
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