Cultivation Systems & Equipment

Cultivation Systems & Equipment for Indoor Cultivation

With experience in over 450 facilities, we have had the opportunity to see what works and what does not work. Our design standards, equipment selection process, and operational expertise supports the cultivation and operational success of our clients.

Design and Equipment Selection

Choose the Right Systems

Don’t fall into the trap of over-designing cultivation systems. We can guide you towards the right equipment for your cultivation goals.

Design for Efficiency

Design with the experts and you’ll avoid change orders and cost overruns during construction.

Ensure Proper Installation and Operation

Our commissioning team knows the equipment installation intricacies and programming details to ensure your facility’s equipment is operating properly.

450+ Facilities and Counting...

Don’t piecemeal your project with disparate systems, inexperienced consultants and your buddy’s contracting company. urban-gro provides expert design and operations under one roof so you have one team supporting your business goals.

A Program for Every Grow

We have created a Crop Protection Program for small to enterprise facilities. With our tiered program, you receive the expertise, experience and product discounts to ensure your plant performance.

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We started our project and quickly realized our consultants did not know what they were doing. We turned to urban-gro to fix the design disaster -- and they did!

Mechanical Equipment

Ensure a consistent environment optimized for growing healthy crops from one harvest to the next.

Benching, Lighting, Fans

Proper specification and integration of growing equipment is key to facility efficiency and success. 

Air Sanitation & Microbial Mitigation

Ensure compliance and optimize your growing environment with industry-leading air sanitation solutions.

Integrated Design Services for Plant Performance

Application & Licensing
We work with top industry firms to assist in preparation of full licensing applications. Our services are tailored to your specific needs.
Facility Space Planning
We meet with your team to understand your business goals and translate them into space planning for indoor cultivation, processing and operations.
Existing Facility Retrofit & Renovation
Experts in repurposing and/or renovation of existing warehouse facilities serving all aspects of cultivation and support functions.

Starting A Project?

Starting a project or in need of help rescuing a project? We can help!
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