Finance & Leasing Services
through XS Financial

urban-gro's strategic partnership with XS Financial (XSF) provides a simplified, one-stop solution for access to CapEx financing for urban-gro's cultivation systems design, integration, equipment procurement, and ongoing operations for the indoor Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) market.

Read the full press release announcing the urban-gro / XS Financial strategic partnership.

Don't Let Start-Up Costs Hold You Back

Through CAPEX financing and equipment leasing solutions, CEA investors, company owners, and operators can gain competitive advantage by leveraging urban-gro's fully integrated design and engineering teams bolstered by industry-leading procurement capability.

Gro Plants & Gro Profits through Equipment Financing & Leasing

  • Expert facility design and optimization of complex cultivation solutions.
  • Strong purchasing power of cultivation equipment and solutions.
  • Increased speed-to-market and cash flow management.

Financing Solutions

urban-gro's strategic partnership with XS Financial allows investors, owners, and operators to focus on designing, building, and operating high-performance, profitable cultivation facilities. Financing is available for most of urban-gro's cultivation equipment and solutions.

Lighting: HPS and LED

Lighting plays a key role in the overall efficiency of your facility. Whether you're looking at HPS or LED solutions (including Fluence), our team has the knowledge to help you understand your options and make the best choice for your faciltiy.

Climate Control / HVAC Systems

Environmental control is key to being able to predict yields and forecast revenue. The ability to keep factors like temperature, humidity, and VPD in range will result more consistent, predictable yields.

Fertigation / Nutrient Delivery Systems

Ensuring accurate and timely nutrient delivery is essential to healthy crops. Automation is key to being competitive in an increasingly crowded market. Our team's holistic approach takes climate, crop type, region, and other factors into consideration when developing fertigation system designs. 

Benching Systems

Whether you're considering single-tier, multi-tier, or Dual Draft Integrated Airflow benching, our team breaks down CAPEX investment relative to ROI in order to make the best decision for your facility.

Air Quality / Microbial & Virus Control Solutions

We help you design and procure systems that not only ensure regulatory compliance, they also improve the air quality for staff, customers, and your plants. Keeping the air inside your facility clean mitigates pest pressures and other crop threats.

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Speak to a specialist to inquire about equipment system financing solutions to benefit your commercial cultivation facility.

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About XS Financial

As the leading CAPEX financier to the cannabis market, XS Financial provides CAPEX financing solutions, including equipment leasing to indoor Controlled Environment Agriculture companies. XSF financing solutions provide customers with the competitive advantage of a shorter time to market and revenue generation.

Outperform the Competition

Working with urban-gro and XS Financial allows cultivators to design and build out their facility without the cash crunch that can halt projects. By leasing equipment, growers and stakeholders are able to manage cash flow with more certainty.