Environmental Controls & Fertigation

Nutrient and water delivery are essential to supporting plant health and yields. Our team of designers and plant specialists have worked on hundreds of indoor growing facilities and know first-hand what works. Our equipment agnostic, plant-centric approach is focused on plant health and production. 

urban-gro’s expert design delivers the best project outcomes

Purpose-built cultivation systems backed by decades of experience

Purpose-built growing environments are more efficient resulting in reduced energy consumption and more predictable yields. 

Tailored solutions for indoor Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA)

No two CEA facilities are alike. Our team of architects, engineers, horticulturalists, scientists, and professionals customizes a solution unique to your goals.

We design to meet compliance and regulatory standards

Our team understands the regulatory requirements specific to your region and will work with you to design a facility and cultivation systems that are compliant

Air, Water, Nutrients, and Miles of Tubing

Today’s cultivation environment is complex. We focus on the myriad of environmental controls and fertigation equipment to ensure proper design and installation.

Pro Gro Tip: Automate for Greater Efficiency

Controlling the environment of an indoor cultivation requires a controls system that can manage and report on HVAC, dehumidification, LED / HPS lighting, fans and building automation systems.

Achieve Your Cultivation Goals through Integrated Facility Design and Managed Services

urban-gro provides a path from cultivation facility inception through operation to achieve efficient and profitable cultivation facilities.
Architecture & Engineering
Integrated planning, architecture and engineering design services optimize your facility with design solutions that maximize plant production.
Cultivation Systems Integration
Realize optimal crop quality and yields and reduce energy consumption through the coordinated integration of equipment systems with architecture and engineering design.
Systems Optimization & Support
Gro-care Managed Services provides your team with expertise through remote equipment monitoring and virtual training to protect your crop.

Design for Plant Performance

Achieve your facility goals by utilizing urban-gro’s expert design team. Environmental controls can benefit your plants through improving transpiration and reducing microbial outbreaks.
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