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are Unrealized Revenue

urban-gro guides your team to bring your building to life. Through urban-gro’s proprietary cultivation space programming and facility planning, you’ll maximize the footprint of your facility to ensure an efficient interaction of people, plants and process.

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Design with Efficiency and Remain Optimized

Design and operate your building with efficiency in mind. urban-gro’s turn-key design solutions include full building architecture, engineering and systems integration. Maintain optimal plant performance through gro-care’s remote equipment monitoring and staff training.

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Architectural, Engineering and Integrated Systems Design Services for Optimal Plant Performance

Our design and systems integration process is tailored to meet the needs of your business, operations, and facility goals -- enabling your success in a competitive market, both today and in the future.
Cultivation Space Programming & Facility Planning
Early-stage planning and programming services engage key stakeholders, build consensus, and ensure proper sizing of key equipment and systems (e.g. lighting, building controls, and fertigation). This prevents mistakes and re-work later in the project lifecycle, ultimately saving time and money by bringing the facility online faster.
Integrated Architecture & Engineering

Our team of architects, engineers and cultivation systems designers artfully blend full building architectural design services, engineering with cultivation systems integration to maximize plant performance.

Procurement & Project Management

Moving from design and construction to operations is no small feat. Our expert team of project managers and procurement avoids project delays and inefficient equipment delivery.


Your team’s design intent is realized through our professional commissioning engineers and technicians. All systems are reviewed and tested to ensure optimal function.

Gro-Care(r) and Crop Protection

Our gro-care Managed Services and Crop Protection Plans focus on maintaining optimal indoor crop environments, keeping your plants healthy, and maintaining compliance.

Meeting Stringent Regulatory Standards & Codes

Our team provides Controlled Environment Agriculture facility (CEA) design to meet the most stringent regulatory environments, whether they are energy efficiency goals (code required), Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), or Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification.

Integrated Design Services Yield Facility Efficiency and Optimization

We combine the efficiency gained from the industry’s only fully integrated architecture and engineering design services with our plant-centric insights of optimal cultivation systems integration.

Indoor Cultivation Expertise You Can Trust

Nearly 500
Successfully completed indoor cultivation projects ranging from 10,000 to 1,800,000 square feet
Team of licensed architects, engineers, agriculturalists, commissioning and business professionals
11.5 Million
Square feet of cultivation and dispensary space since 2014
Increased canopy and reduced energy consumption

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