gro-care® Crop and Asset Protection for
Cultivation Facilities

Monitor • Optimize • Protect

To support optimal plant performance and facility efficiency, urban-gro has developed gro-care Crop and Asset Protection, a program dedicated to supporting healthy crops by maintaining equipment and realizing operational efficiencies. gro-care increases equipment up-time through training and preventative maintenance and promotes healthy yields by driving environmental continuity. 

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Everything You Need. In One Place.

Secure Information Portal

A secure, intuitive interface for all mission-critical activities involving plants, cultivation processes, and cultivation equipment.

Document Repository

Easily access standard operating procedures (SOPs), facility drawings, as-builts, equipment manuals and Crop Protection Programs. 

Asset Tracking

Accurately segment equipment approved for 280E depreciation. 

Audits & Optimization

Full facility audits including building and cultivation systems, chemical storage and corrective action reports to ensure optimal equipment operations. 

GMP/CGMP Certification

Through our focus on people, plants and processes, our team can design facilities meeting GMP certification, energy consumption and water quality requirements.

Ordering Reminders

Receive discounts and order spare parts, nutrients, and pesticides with ease and assurance of the correct items. 

Notifications & Alerts

Automated scheduling for maintenance and replacement; alerts are generated for building and cultivation systems out of range. 

One-Click Help

Access on-demand phone/web chat support or request an emergency site visit with one click by creating a help desk ticket. 

Education & Trainning

On-board new hires and keep the team up to date with ongoing training on equipment and processes to ensure compliance and promote efficiency. 

Your Hub for Crop & Asset Protection

From monitoring and maintaining your facility’s environmental controls, to providing your team with timely maintenance and re-ordering reminders, the Crop and Asset Protection Portal is your online platform for critical infrastructure, training, and equipment management. By utilizing the Portal, your company’s strategic vision is aligned with the day-to-day tactics that keep your facility running smoothly. At every level within the organization, the Portal is a resource and tool to ensure that intended yields and revenue are realized. 

With just a few clicks, the Crop and Asset Protection Portal provides easy access to essential resources and solutions.

Custom Programs to Meet
Your Needs

gro-care has been developed by urban-gro’s team of horticulture, business, and facility professionals for today’s modern cultivation environment. These programs provide your team with a comprehensive, integrated, cost-effective solution to ensure optimal plant performance and efficient building operations. Whether you’re looking to launch, support, or scale your grow, we have a package to help you achieve your goals. 

Customize My Program

gro-care® Operations

gro-care Operations is a tailored program focused on facility and equipment optimization designed to meet the specific needs of your cultivation facility. Delivered in one of three tiers of activities and support, gro-care Operations provides a proactive approach to facility and equipment monitoring and reporting. 

gro-care® IPM

gro-care Integrated Pest Management is a plant-focused program focused on ensuring compliance and optimal plant performance within your unique cultivation facility. The program is tailored to meet the needs of your cultivation size, staffing, and specific environmental conditions of your facility. 

gro-care® Complete

Maximize your building and plant potential (and peace of mind) by bundling gro-care Operations and Integrated Pest Management. The two distinct programs provide a comprehensive, integrated, cost-effective solution to ensure optimal plant performance and efficient building operations. 

You retain the flexibility of purchasing the Prime, Professional or Premium solution from each program, but gain the added services at a 10% discount. 

Achieve Your Cultivation Goals through Integrated Facility Design and Managed Services

urban-gro provides a path from cultivation facility inception through operation to achieve efficient and profitable cultivation facilities.
Architecture & Engineering
Integrated planning, architecture and engineering design services optimize your facility with design solutions that maximize plant production.
Cultivation Systems Integration
Realize optimal crop quality and yields and reduce energy consumption through the coordinated integration of equipment systems with architecture and engineering design.
Systems Optimization & Support
Gro-care Managed Services provides your team with expertise through remote equipment monitoring and virtual training to protect your crop.

Streamline Your Crop & Asset Protection

Learn how gro-care’s Operations, Integrated Pest Management and Complete programs can benefit your facility efficiency and plant performance.

Customize My Program