Prevent Equipment Downtime & Optimize Plant Performance With Our Operational Support Team

An equipment malfunction, human error, or aging systems could all lead to minor climate variations that can dramatically impact your plant health. The gro-care® Operational Support team of experts provide remote monitoring, training and recommendations to keep your facility running at peak performance, ensuring a consistent environment for optimal plant health.

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Ensure Efficiency between People, Plants and Products

From setting up and operating facility and environmental controls, to sourcing compliant products that protect and enhance your crops, urban-gro provides your team the expert support and solutions to achieve sustained operational success.
gro-care® Operations
gro-care® Operational Support provides remote monitoring, training and support
gro-care® Integrated Pest Management
Our Clean Green Certified® Crop Protection Programs ensure healthy crop environments
Additional Managed Services to Optimize Your Facility

Systems, Equipment & Plant Expertise for
Facility and Plant Performance

Prevent Equipment Downtime & Crop Loss

Through our remote monitoring services, we prevent equipment downtime and ensure optimal plant environments. We have specialized expertise in numerous systems.

Maintain Optimal Plant Environments

Remote setpoint optimization and facility analysis improve plant performance and free up your staff from mundane tasks to focus on what matters most: growing plants and growing profits.

Compliant & Cost-effective IPM Programs

Engage with our team of Integrated Pest Management experts to ensure program compliance and maximize the efficacy of pesticides and biocontrols.

Decades of Horticulture & Cannabis Compliance

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) promotes healthy, pest-free crops. Our team of farmers, cultivators and former state compliance officials utilize scientific and experience-based techniques to proactively prevent and treat pests.

Your Facility Control Center

urban-gro’s proprietary cultivator-focused portal allows you to easily manage your facility online. Monitoring equipment health, accessing product manuals, re-ordering consumable products and more can all be done with just a few clicks. Backed by real people, the portal empowers you to take control of your grow.

Remote Facility Monitoring for Peace-of-Mind

gro-care® customers enjoy added peace-of-mind in knowing that there is an extra set of eyes on their facility ensuring equipment is operating as intended. It only takes a short time for a small issue to grow into a big problem. Remote monitoring alerts you to these abnormalities before your crop is affected. 

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"Leaky" Buildings Contribute to Pest Pressures

Repurposed buildings and retrofit warehouses can be an economical choice for growers who can't or don't want to take on a new construction project. However, pests sometimes find their way through the nooks and crannies. IPM can resolve “leaky building” pest pressures.

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Schedule a meeting with our team of experts to discuss your cultivation goals and needs. We provide tailored support plans that can maximize your operational budgets and staff time.
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