High-Density Sense & Control Solutions with urban-gro

High-Density Sense And Control Solutions

Soleil: Built For Scalability

urban-gro has focuses its Soleil product line up on large-scale commercial operations. They have worked closely with their in-house scientists, designers, cultivators and industry partners, to develop a line up that is entirely based on the needs of the cannabis business. urban-gro has examined the sensor systems currently on the market and stripped them down to the fundamentals. What does the cultivator need to know about the grow room conditions, and what is the easiest method of securing that information? This is how Soleil was born.

urban-gro also has incorporated scalability into Soleil's design, typically a challenging part of any grow room sensor system. They are now working with 10,000 square foot grow rooms, pulling 8000 points of data a day. The system is designed to scale to literally millions of square feet. Importantly, the system doesn’t get overloaded, and their partners who initially signed up on a trial basis have returned after the trial ended. In fact, these partners have expanded their Soleil systems to cover much more than just a few experimental rooms. Why so much data? Again, it's hard for cultivators to get everything they need from only a few points of data daily. Through what is essentially a data overload, the Soleil 360 dashboard allows its users to track trends, and make predictions based on the history information. Growers can literally see events coming, something that is not feasible with other programs. From the opinion of urban-gro, more data is always better.

Worth noting, cultivators lease these sensors in a subscription model, they don't have to buy them. That way, as new technology is incorporated, they can easily trade up as they would if a new version of the iPhone came out. That migration path is important since we're in an era where technology changes quickly. No cultivator wants to be stuck with thousands of out-dated sensors! Eliminating that risk makes the model way more affordable.


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