In the News: Planning Needs for a Cannabis Production Facility

urban-gro's Vice President of Facility Integration, Lucas Targos, speaks to Cannabis Product News' Ana Olvera, about the importance of Cultivation Space Programming to ensure the most efficient interaction between people, plants, and processes.

Clear business expectations and feasible operational goals will help avoid production issues down the road.

Preparedness at the earliest stage of building a new production facility — planning and designing — can save growers time, headaches and money once an operation is up and running. But a lack of collaboration between the business and production teams during that planning stage can leave gaps in your plan. If financial expectations exceed or do not meet cultivation capabilities, your operation is sure to hit a few bumps down the road.

That’s where urban-gro, based in Lafayette, Colorado, comes in with a holistic approach to planning and designing a facility.

The horticulture company provides engineering and design services for commercial Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) facilities. From boutique growers to multi-state operators, urban-gro works with clients to bridge the gap between the business and operational sides of a facility to help set up growers for success.

“There’s a disconnect in the industry in general between executives or owners and then the actual operations, and that rings even more true during this initial design or planning stage,” says Lucas Targos, who heads urban-gro’s Cultivation Space Programming service for early-stage facility programming. “That disconnect between the business and the operations side is causing a lot of problems on the backend during operation because we put all of these expectations that are not realistic or feasible. We don’t just want to sit down with the owners or investors; we need everyone at the table. When we get that, projects are much more successful.”

Planning a successful facility begins with outlining business expectations, determining realistic production metrics and then finding a way to make the two work in harmony, Targos says.

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