Plant-Focused Cultivation Systems Design & Integration

From water to lighting; single-tier cultivation to vertical racking solutions; cultivation systems design must be undertaken with a fully integrated, holistic, approach. The “stuff inside the box” or “the guts of the grow” can make or break efficiency and profitability.

Plan for Efficiency

Designing an Environment for Optimal Plant Performance

The integration of cultivation systems designed for optimal plant performance, paired with the selection of right-sized cultivation and facility equipment, creates a ripple effect of reduced energy and water consumption.
Complex Systems Commissioning
Designing for efficiency can be followed up by commissioning services to ensure the design intent is achieved.
Cultivation Equipment and Products
By utilizing purpose-built equipment and products, you can reduce energy and resource consumption.

Cultivation Systems Design for Efficiency and Speed to Market

Complex Systems Require Expert Design

Large-scale cultivation facilities are extremely complex and highly customized to meet the unique specifications and needs of each operation.

Cultivation Systems & Building Systems

Integrated turn-key design eliminates the “gap” between cultivation systems and building systems to maximize efficiency and plant performance.

Efficiency for a Competitive Market

Facility efficiency is critical in an increasingly competitive market. Successful growers must take a holistic approach to design to maximize return on investment.

Design Pitfall #1: Piecemeal Design

Often, we see facilities designed piecemeal. When the time comes to integrate systems, they don't work together (or don't work well). By the time conflicts are realized, it's late-stage in the project. Expect to pay change orders to correct design mistakes.

Design Pitfall #2: Inexperienced Teams & Complex Systems

We have also seen facilities that ran out of money or were forced to value engineer to a level which seriously degraded their ability to be successful in the short and long term.

Design Pitfall #3: Low Bids vs Best Value

Using contractors, trades, or suppliers because they are the low bid? Low bids often reduce yields or and deliver failed crop cycles.

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Solar Therapeutics is an off-the-grid cannabis producer and Massachusetts. All the power we make here is on-site. We chose the Fluence lights which lowered our energy profile as well as reducing the size of our HVAC systems. urban-gro made it an attractive deal for us through their whole building design.

Ed Dow, CEO | Solar Therapeutics

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