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While it’s no secret, consistency is key to producing a quality cannabis crop with the maximum yield possible, maintaining consistency can be challenging as the business grows. Last week, during the Seed to Sale show in Denver, urban-gro received the Excellence in Technology award for their high-density, sense and control technology called Soleil – a data collection marvel in the future agricultural technology which aims to eliminate human error and create unprecedented consistency in grow rooms regardless of size.

“People make errors… leave doors open, prune the wrong plants, move the wrong clones,” Urban-Gro’s CFO, Bob Pullar, told CannabisTech, “We call this the human effect.” Also, the plants themselves complicate matters as each strain has its own recipe for ideal conditions, creating diverse growing environments for cultivators and staff to maintain. Meanwhile, stringent compliance laws which require detailed record-keeping in these facilities, add to the complexity as well. Soleil® Sense – Wireless Sense and Control Technology.

The Soleil solution by urban-gro addresses all these concerns, simplifying and automating processes, as well as, providing a record of ledger regulators can trust from seed to harvest. In partnership with Edyza, experts in high-density, internet of things, urban-gro has harnessed a revolutionary technology which could forever change the way cannabis, and other crops are grown. Imagine each plant in your facility had a voice and could tell you when something was wrong... This is Soleil.

This is an excerpt from article written by Kristina Etter you can read more here.

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