High Time For Legalization

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Shelly Peterson Interviewed by Sea Change Radio

Editor's Note: Shelly Peterson, VP of Light Solutions, was interviewed at the NCIA conference in Oakland.

California, the nation’s most populous state, votes again this Fall on the legalization of marijuana. It is yet another sign that the century-long prohibition may finally be lifting, one state at a time. Sea Change Radio host Alex Wise interviews urban-gro’s VP of Lighting Technologies Shelly Peterson at the recent National Cannabis Industry Association conference held in Oakland, CA.

In this broadcast entitled "High Time for Legalization" Alex Wise also chats with “ganjapreneurs” Matthew Huron of Good Chemisty, Nancy Whiteman of Wana Brands, and Kevin Dolan of BHOGart. Together they talk about horticulture, distribution, extraction, and marketing of the nation’s fastest growing crop, and what legalization would mean for their respective businesses.

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