urban-gro Launches #IAmWithNCIA Call Campaign

Cannabis Freedom

Use Your Cell Phone’s Dial-Out Feature for Good – Call Congress Today

You could be playing Pokemon Go, taking vacation photos, or liking images on Instagram – but if you really want to move the needle on Cannabis legalization, look to the app with the old fashion phone handle.

After the DEA filing refusing to reschedule marijuana, it might literally take an act of Congress to make a change. And as members of the industry and supporters of the efforts of NCIA (National Cannabis Industry Association), we are calling on our friends and colleagues to join the effort.

We are all tasked with engaging with Congress members to educate them on Cannabis policy.

It’s just 3 simple steps:

  1. Take action
  2. Tell your story on social
  3. Hashtag #IamwithNCIA

It is now more essential than ever that our community continue calling on Congress to remove marijuana from the Controlled Substances Act. We all must remember that the Ogden Memo allows us to do business by Federal grace, not by right, at this point. This is no longer acceptable and the stakes are higher than ever with a new Presidency. We must not forgot that a new anti-marijuana regime negatively impact all the efforts and hard won victories to date. We all must take action and now is the time to do it.

NCIA is asking that all of us get cozy with Members of Congress this summer. Each year, Congress recesses for the month of August (and into early September). This makes it a great time for you and your colleagues to reach out and connect to engage them on the needs of the Cannabis industry. It's important that we continue to tell our stories about the benefits of state-regulated marijuana industries and the need to end federal marijuana prohibition.

According to Aaron Smith, NCIA’s executive director: "DEA's decision flies in the face of objective science and overwhelming public opinion." "The reality is that half of U.S. states have already passed effective laws allowing patients legal access to medical cannabis, and it is changing lives,"

"Continuing marijuana prohibition forces critically ill people to suffer needlessly, leaves life-changing treatments undeveloped, and keeps patients and providers in limbo between state and federal laws.

"We appreciate the positive step - however small - of opening up a few additional avenues for medical marijuana research. But patients deserve more, and Congress should help them by removing marijuana from the Controlled Substance Act, allowing state programs and medical research to move forward without interference."

Our disappointment with the DEA decision presents an opportunity to engage with our representatives in the House and Senate. You also have the opportunity to extend your impact by attending a town hall meeting, inviting these elected officials or their staff on a tour of your business, and scheduling meetings with your Member's district office.

Now, more than ever, is a chance to raise our voices in unison to make our issues undeniably heard. We all have a responsibility to educate and engage with elected officials in order to change the perception surrounding Cannabis.

Call or write to our representatives. Share your story on social. Hashtag it with #IamwithNCIA

To find the contact information for Congress members visit: https://www.house.gov/representatives/find/ and for US Senators go to:

August recess is the perfect opportunity to get involved and make an impact without having to leave home! If you need advice, help, or materials to assist you, remember to contact NCIA’s Washington, D.C. office by emailing michelle@thecannabisindustry.org.

Thanks again from your friends at urban-gro. We are happy to be a proud member of NCIA. We will be amplifying all of the #IamwithNCIA posts and encourage you to do the same. There will also be a prize from us to someone with the social hashtag #IamwithNCIA. Happy calling!



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