PL Light Systems Releases the HSE NXT2 277v and 240v

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PL Light systems just released the HSE NXT2 277v and 240v, the pinnacle of 1000w horticulture fixture design. The HSE NXT2 takes into account not only the most advanced electronic ballasts, but utilizes a new aluminum body.

This fixture is designed for years of maintenance free operation. The aluminum ballast compartment with built in heat fins reduce the drivers operating temperature by 6%. The compartment is hinged to make servicing simple. With the demand for higher light levels of growers the HSE NXT2 has two very distinct reflector options, the Alpha and Beta. The Alpha is designed for uniformity and the Beta for increased light levels and penetration. The reflector is designed to get the light directly onto the plant canopy.

The uniqueness of this reflector is that it can be easily switched out with different reflectors as technology evolves, easily cleaned and the thin material helps dissipate heat and assures the lamp runs at the optimal temperatures for lamp longevity. (700 C)

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