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HortiDaily: Mark Doherty's Advice to New CEA Entrants

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Is indoor production of lettuce or other food crops that much different than indoor cannabis cultivations? What can indoor crop producers learn from the cannabis industry? Read the full article;  you might be surprised at the similarities!

Advice for new CEA entrants by urban-gro's Mark Doherty
“There are challenges to growing food indoors, many of which have been figured out by cannabis producers!”

August 31, 2020
Marlies Guiljam, HortiDaily.com

Mark Doherty, Executive VP of Operations with urban-gro talks about how he got into Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) with food crops, then into cannabis, and how he would now like to help new ‘food entrants’ in the CEA world with the knowledge he has gained. “Ten years ago, I started an indoor farming company in upstate New York. I didn’t even know what I didn’t know!”


Aquaponic food production

Ten years ago, growing inside a building was a new concept and the building we were in was not built for cultivation; it was a former silverware factory. “We took an old factory and built an indoor aquaponics facility. We used fish to grow lettuce and basil, selling it through wholesalers to restaurants, and local markets.” This is how Mark got started in Controlled Environment Agriculture.

Read the full article at HortiDaily.

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