Commercial Horticulture Migrates to Cannabis

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urban-gro's J. Chandler was recently interviewed by Marijuana Public Media. The discussion revolved around large scale Cannabis production and what this "new" industry can learn from the tried-and-true practices of large scale horticulture.

Chandler has a unique perspective on this topic as he has a background in large scale organic farming, where he has farmed over 300-acres of certified organic produce for many years before becoming a professional cannabis producer in Colorado in 2012.

Chandler currently advises cannabis cultivators around the country to adopt the best practices of traditional horticulture. He is committed to helping growers implement practices that are environmentally sustainable, socially sustainable, and economically sustainable. In the interview, he discusses the value of commercial agriculture know-how migrating to the Cannabis industry.

Read the article and hear the interview here: lights/

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