Connect with urban-gro at CannaCon Seattle

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shelly and chandler

urban-gro is participating at CannaCon Seattle February 18-19-20. urban-gro is exhibiting at booth 209 where urban-gro’s cannabis cultivation, IPM and lighting experts, including J. Chandler and Shelly Peterson, are meeting with attendees to discuss their commercial growing needs.

Shelly Peterson is also presenting a seminar on Technology – Lighting on “Cultivation Light & its impact on the Power Grid”. With the cannabis industry rapidly growing, there are exponential factors that arise with each new cultivation space. Peterson sheds light on best-practices, and provide assistance that growers can use in relation to building and maintaining a sustainable grow facility, including:

  • Evaluating the ROI and cost differences between lighting systems
  • The most efficient lighting layout for the most efficient grow space, with industry sustainability in mind.
  • How growers work with their utility and participate in rebate programs
  • How to correctly navigate and evaluate the differences between LED, HPS, DE HPS, Ceramic Metal Halide, Metal Halide.

Serving as the Vice President of Sales since 2012, Shelly manages the company’s sales forced located across the Country. Her passion for eco-friendly solutions and creating a sustainable environment ensures that the commercial cultivator is provided with a lighting plan that utilizes the least amount of equipment. Further, her skills learned in the commercial lighting industry have enabled her to work with regional electrical providers, such as Xcel, to maximize available utility rebates for urban-gro’s customers.

She is bringing these insights to the conference and looks forward to elevating the conversation, along with her colleagues, around responsible and sustainable growing practices.

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