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Tips and Technology to Advance Your Grow Facility

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Whether you are just starting out in the cannabis industry and looking to setup a grow facility, or you are a veteran in the field, one thing is clear: Advancements in lighting, design, cultivation, and technology abound for grow facilities. Mark Doherty, director of project management with urban-gro, recently spoke to us about the work his company is doing to help clients set up new grow facilities. Doherty offers practical tips and advice for anyone starting out and highlights some exciting new technology that could change the future of cannabis horticulture.

Your company specializes in setting up growing facilities for the cannabis industry.


What is the most important first step in setting up such a facility?

Bringing the right people to the design–build table at the right time. One thing many facilities designers overlook is the sheer volume of integration that needs to occur between architectural designers, facility owners, cultivators, product suppliers, and the engineers responsible for the “guts of the grow”—meaning stuff like lights, racking, fertigation, automation, and so on.

Many times, the important pieces from a cultivation standpoint often don’t get integrated early enough in the process. So, the end result doesn’t function as intended. Most of the organizations we work with want the most advanced facility possible as quickly as possible, but if we don’t bring the right folks into the process early enough the project will end up late and over budget. No one wants that.

Article written by Megan L’Heureux. Read more of the article here.

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