urban-gro Launches Soleil Technologies Portfolio of High-Density Sense and Control Solutions

“As ROI and optimized yields become increasingly important for commercial cultivators, the need for technologies that deliver rich granular data and real-time insights becomes critical,” said Brad Nattrass, CEO and co-founder of urban-gro. “With the ability to comprehensively sense, monitor, and control the microclimates throughout your facility in real-time, cultivators will be able to make proactive decisions to maximize yields."

The Soleil Sense and Control portfolio of high-density wireless networks and environmental control systems provide the industry's most detailed real-time, data-driven monitoring, as well as complete control over the entire indoor facility. Benefits include:

- Real-time insight from anywhere – Soleil Sense and Control high-density wireless networks give cultivators the ability to see what’s happening within their environment and substrate. It is the only solution that provides comprehensive remote microclimate monitoring of the entire cultivation ecosystem from anywhere with an Internet connection.

- Unparalleled scalability – From sub-10K square feet to millions of square feet, our Soleil Sense and Control portfolio scales to meet your needs. Soleil’s proprietary wireless protocol overcomes the scaling issues associated with other sensor solutions, giving cultivators a true high-density view into the facility. Additionally, the subscription service easily expands with you, adapting to your growing business.

- Data-driven automation – Soleil Sense and Control environmental systems also deliver the ability to control fertigation, lighting, climate, as well as insights into conditions that can inform and direct Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs. Together, our environmental systems and high-density wireless networks lay the groundwork for future AI-driven automation and control as well.

- Unique, affordable subscription model – The Soleil Sense and Control platform is delivered via a cost-effective subscription-based model, resulting in reduced investment in capital infrastructure, as well as an easy migration path as technology evolves.

The Soleil Sense and Control portfolio comprises two primary categories of solutions; High-Density Internet-of-Things (HD-IoT) wireless networks by Soleil Sense, and environmental control solutions by Soleil Control.

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