Why You Should Work with a Commercial Cultivation Grow Facility Expert

When you approach commercial cultivation, a high level of forethought and planning is required, which is why it’s a good idea to work with a commercial cultivation grow facility expert. 

Whether you’re building from scratch or renovating a building into a new grow site – facility design is a critical part of the process. You must take into consideration the codes, regulations, and laws that are relevant in a particular locale. Depending on where you’re growing and your setup environment, there may be other unique engineering concerns that should be addressed. 

For example, if your facility is close to other buildings, it may need a filtration system that can prevent the release of dust or odors. Or, if you are using carbon dioxide enrichment methods, you may need additional systems to protect the workers at your facility. 

With so many moving parts to consider, having the additional experience and advice to lean on can make all the difference in terms of your efficiency, speed to market, and revenue gains. 


Commercial Facility Architecture & Engineering

Controlled environment agriculture (CEA) has been hailed as the future of farming because, with the new technologies available, it enables optimal yield production with fewer resource inputs. However, it is essential to balance technical aspects and costs if you want to achieve your business goals while keeping your production competitive. A commercial cultivation grow facility expert can help you take advantage of strategies, designs, and methods that ensure effective synergy between your plants, equipment, and the environment


Commercial Facility Systems Integration

The cannabis market is expected to grow exponentially in the next four years. As you can imagine, the industry will only become more competitive over time. To maximize return on investment (ROI) and remain successful in this landscape, growers must continuously optimize facility efficiency – and one of the best ways to enable this is to take a holistic approach from the start. The same goes for those growing vegetables and other crops. 

When setting up a grow facility, you may feel tempted to focus only on cost optimization, resulting in a piecemeal facility design. If these separate systems are able to work well together, that’s great – but more often than not, there are conflicts. All the cost savings from the start would have to go towards correcting these design mistakes. Working with a commercial cultivation grow facility expert – especially one that prioritizes integrated systems – can reduce the chances of this occurring. 


Commercial Facility Operational Support 

As you scale up your operations, you will require additional resources to maintain and optimize your systems, equipment, and processes. Working with a commercial cultivation grow facility expert means you are able to engage additional support to streamline your operations. 

A program like gro-care® Crop and Asset Protection could help support your team by reducing some of the manual labor that’s involved in maintaining plant performance and facility efficiency.

With a combination of software and consultancy services, gro-care can help you with a range of support requirements, including efficient monitoring of environmental controls, speeding up management processes, and simplifying employee training. You can choose from a range of programs depending on your business goals. 


Commercial Facility Construction Management

The needs of a commercial grow facility differ from those of commercial structures. Engaging a construction manager and general contractor familiar with the types of systems and equipment integrations needed in an existing building is critical to the function of a grow operation. They can also ensure that the original design is perfectly executed. 


Finance and Leasing Services for Cultivation Growing Facilities

If you want to start or scale up your growing business, you have the option to leverage finance and leasing services. This means won’t be held back by start-up costs and can go to market faster, giving you a significant competitive advantage in a fast-moving industry.

Working with urban-gro allows you to leverage its financing partners like XS Financial. Rather than spend time thinking about where to get funding and how to control equipment costs, you can focus on designing, building, and operating your grow facility – and on increasing your profits. 


Help Your Growing Facility Scale-up and Outperform the Competition

Whether you’re new to commercial growing or looking to scale up your operations with additional grow rooms, working with an expert with the experience to support your business goals and needs can make the process more straightforward and effective. 

Contact us to learn more about gro-care and how it will benefit your grow facility. 

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